What the critics are saying

"The Other Side is a refreshing, original story that reminds us why we love zombie movies. It also gives us hope for the independent zombie film genre by showing us there are still more ways to tell a good story about the undead...4.5 out 5 Stubs" --We Live Film

"Overall, The Other Side is an impressive indie film that shows just how far heart and dedication can go in film making. If you want a film with bloody kills and rich story then please check this film out now. You will not regret it! 4/5" --Horror Society

"...completely unlike any zombie movie I’ve seen before." --UK Horror Scene

"...a zombie film about everyday characters you actually care for." --Demons Of Celluloid

"The heart of The Other Side beats hardest when handling how an everyman in Everytown, USA tosses the pre-existing drama with the living aside and fights for his and his family’s survival." --Hollyburgh


In a life changing struggle, a man searches to find the truth in the disappearance of his wife. The small town of Elkwood, PA will never be the same as love, courage, and family are tested in the face of the dawning zombie apocalypse.


Ashley Sullivan is missing again. She wakes deep in the woods with no memory of who she is, or how she got there. Blood drips from a wound on her head as she attempts to gain her bearings. Suddenly, she is confronted by a mysterious drifter who demands that she listen, or they're both dead. Does she trust him, or attempt to escape?.

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Runtime: 103 Minutes

Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Horror

MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated (Projected R)

Trivia: Based on the award winning short film of the same name.
Winner: 2012 Pittsburgh Zombie Shorts Film Festival
Screened at 2012 Eerie Horror Fest and 2012 Panic Fest

Currently seeking distribution - contact Cyfuno Ventures


The Numbers

How did the producers make a quality film on only a $50,000 budget?

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Location Info

The film was shot entirely in and around Pittsburgh, PA - the birthplace of zombies! The undead legacy of Romero, Russo, Savini, & Nicotero lives on.

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Cast & Crew

Most of the cast & crew were local to Pittsburgh, PA. However, we had cast members travel in to film from New York City, Los Angeles, and China!

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